FAQ about online felting and eco printing workshops


How does an online workshop with Nicola differ from a hands on experience in a classroom?

Online workshops are to felting and eco printing what slow food is to the culinary world! Over an extended period of time participants will get the opportunity to engage with Nicola to discover techniques, tips and processing methods which will form the basis of their textile art into the future. Participants get the chance to ask questions and receive feedback as they work their way through the course content, students may complete the assignments as and when they have the time to do so.

Who are these workshops particularly aimed at?

These workshops are fun and an extremely cost effective way to participate in a workshop with Nicola. Intensive 6 week workshops are well suited to people who may not have the time to travel or attend a class in person and also those who would like to learn and receive feedback over an extended period of time. The on demand ‘Eco printing basics using kitchen supplies’ workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to discover if they would like to pursue the techniques further without making an initial investment in specialised equipment.

Are the workshops suitable for both beginners more experienced participants?

Absolutely! Unless clearly stated otherwise, all the course content is designed to empower the total beginner with confidence in the processes learnt and give them the skills be able to repeat their results at home by themselves. There should also be plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments for the more experienced participant too!

How is the workshop content delivered?

The workshop content is delivered through a series of written modules, each module is like a chapter in a conventional book and at the end of the workshop comprehensive notes may be downloaded as a PDF and saved or printed for future reference. That’s where the similarities to a book end though! In addition to written text and images each workshop contains some short video clips which clearly demonstrate specific tips and techniques. In each of the workshops (short or 6 week courses) discussion prompts are initiated by Nicola relevant to the topics covered during the various stages. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, post pictures and learn much in the way they would in a classroom situation.

How long will participants have access to class content?

Class content will be available for a total of 6 months from the registration date of ‘on demand’ workshops or from the start date of scheduled workshops.

Is there ongoing support from Nicola during the course of an online workshop?

Absolutely! Nicola is available to answer all of your questions relating to the class content as the weeks progress, daily via the Ruzuku platform as modules are released during scheduled workshops and several times a week for those participating in ‘on demand’ workshops. The only reason Nicola might need longer to reply to questions or give feedback during ‘on demand’ workshops is if she is out of the country or teaching. It’s impossible to predict the actual start date for each individual participant!

What happens if I am not very confident using a computer? Will I be able to follow along with the class?

Ruzuku is pretty simple to navigate, if you can write an email or open a website you should have no problems with the course. However, in order to ease everyone into the class Nicola has an introduction at the start of every workshop with tips to help guide you through the weeks ahead. She is also very happy to help anyone who needs a bit of extra support until they are comfortable and confident with the online learning platform.

Is it possible to view class content on a tablet or mobile device?

Yes, tablets and mobile devices work well with Ruzuku.

How much do online workshops cost?

At present 6 week intensive workshops cost a total of $220 or €200, the new workshop ‘Eco printing basics using kitchen supplies’ will cost $85 or €73.

How do I pay for the workshop?

When you visit the enrolment page and sign up for a workshop you will be given two options for payment, both will be processed via PayPal. US dollars is the default choice for payment but if you would prefer to be billed in Euros select that option and Nicola will invoice you asap. Please note, your class place is not confirmed until you have paid the invoice in full. Thanks!