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Online workshops with Nicola

‘Eco printing, an intensive foundation for successful results’ is now open for registration at any time. Over the course of a six week period Nicola shares with participants how she achieves clear, repeatable eco prints on protein based fabric (silk, wool, felt, cashmere etc.) and gives them the necessary skills to confidently do this time after time. From gathering the necessary tools and equipment to experimenting with different processing methods she will guide students beyond the basics and encourage them to experiment for themselves. Exciting extras include printing on paper, a simple method for printing on cellulose fabric (linen, ramie, cotton etc.) and an introduction to printing on up-cycled clothing. This workshop will empower the total beginner to have confidence in the process and be able to repeat their results when working by themselves. There should also be plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments for the more experienced eco printer too!

Before the end of 2018 a new course titled ‘Eco printing basics using kitchen supplies’ will also be open for registration. This workshop is designed for those who would like a simple but comprehensive step by step eco printing guide that will ensure excellent results from the safety and comfort of the home kitchen environment. If you have always wanted to learn a new technique without investing in specialised equipment this is the course for you! It covers everything that Nicola would do if she was face to face sharing the same skills in an intensive one to one workshop. Armed with this knowledge participants will be able to achieve beautiful and washable prints on wool, silk, hand made felt and other protein fabrics (wool, silk, felt, cashmere, mohair etc.) then share these techniques with family, friends and children in a safe and health conscious way. It’s the perfect way of exploring the basics of eco printing to discover if it is a technique you’d like to pursue further.

Private bespoke online workshops and one to one coaching is also on the cards for the future. If you’d like to be first to hear these and new classes as they get released please consider joining Nicola’s workshop mailing list. Please click here or follow the link at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about how the scheduled online courses are currently being delivered. This information will be updated shortly to reflect how the ‘on demand’ workshops will be delivered.

Face to face hands on workshops at Clasheen or elsewhere in Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA and further afield.

Flat felt meets eco print, a 2 day workshop with Nicola at Clasheen on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2018. Please click here for more details and to book a place.

Please email Nicola to discuss your requirements if you are interested in a tailor made workshop at Clasheen or elsewhere in Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA or further afield. Nicola’s new purpose built outdoor studio can comfortably accommodate groups of 6 to 8 participants depending on the workshop content and there are wonderful options locally for more upmarket residential courses. Classes may be organised in felting, eco printing or a combination of the two, new felting workshops include Upwolfing basics. Often dates don’t get added here to the workshop page although they do get offered through the online shop. The reason for this is because these intensive group classes often fill immediately so please contact Nicola if you don’t see anything advertised and would like to discuss possibilities for a future date. For workshops at Clasheen, simple shared accommodation may be organised on site or more glamorous accommodation is available locally. Collection and drop off to a bus or train is an optional added extra for those travelling without a car.

Felting and eco printing in Ireland, 10 day residential retreat!

Smiling faces at the end of another wonderful 10 day retreat!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful participants who visited beautiful rural Ireland in July to take part in the third running of this 10 day residential retreat. Bryan and Martin from Kilgraney House outdid themselves once more with fabulous food and hospilitaty, all in all it was 10 days to remember!!! Keep an eye out at the end of November, beginning of December as this is when the 2019 retreat should be open for registration, the provisional dates are from Friday 12th July to Monday 22nd.

Mailing List

If you would like to be kept informed of new workshops and get advance notice of sign up dates please consider joining Nicola’s mailing list.

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